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Smart SPI Controller

MOQ :1 piece

Lead Time :15 Days

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Product details

Product Specifications

  • Brand name:Sunricher

Product Description


  1. SPI signal output for control of RGB/RGBW pixel lights

  2. DMX512 controllable and RF/WiFi remote controllable

  3. Capable of addressing up to 1020 pixels at the same time 

  4. Addressing up to 170 RGB pixels or 128 RGBW pixels individually

  5. The built-in, backlit OLED panel allows for easy configuration of most settings

  6. Four push buttons available for control of the OLED functions

  7. Supports 38 types of driving IC

  8. RGB/RGBW color order configurable

  9. 512 DMX decoding channels

  10. Support max. 3060 output channels configurable

  11. 35 built-in sequencing, chasing, changing and static colors under RF mode

  12. Compatible with a variety of RGB/RGBW RF remotes

  13. Works with PC interface DMX consoles and sequencing software

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