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Push Compatible 4 in 1 DALI DT8 LED Controller

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Product details

Product Specifications

  • Brand name:Sunricher

Product Description


  1. In compliance with IEC 62386-101:2014, IEC 62386-102:2014, IEC 62386-207 Ed2, IEC 62386-209:2011

  2. Built-in DALI-2 interface, DALI DT8 device

  3. 4 in 1 DALI DT8 LED controller

  4. 4 universal device types in 1: primary N, Tc, XY coordinate, RGBW, can be set by the buttons

  5. DALI DT8 device to control RGBW outputs or tunable white outputs via a single DALI address

  6. Only 1 address required to control 4 outputs separately under primary N mode

  7. 4 Channels constant voltage or constant current output

  8. Control of four PWM outputs via DALI device type 8

  9. Color control as defined in the DALI specification device type 8

  10. Color type primary N, Tc, XY coordinate, RGBW can be set by manual set buttons

  11. Supports DT8 device commands, compatible with DALI masters that support DT8 commands

  12. Configuration via DALI master USB interface

  13. Numeric digital display for setting DALI address manually

  14. Compatible with universal AC push switch

  15. Waterproof grade: IP20

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